Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just a quick update. I've been making a lot of cards lately, so I'll post one of them.

This is a card I made for a swap. I went to a Shoebox Swap event yesterday in Folsom. 11 other ladies and I got together and stamped like mad. This was my contribution.

I love this sweet, sweet stamp set from SU! I love the soft colors. And I especially love that, since I am SUCH a slow stamper, I am already playing around with cards for the holidays. Hopefully I will actually make and mail some this year :)
It was great to get together with other gals IN PERSON. So much of what I do is remote. Visiting with others on the stamping boards, working on a worldwide team, e-mails to my volunteer colleagues. There is nothing like visiting with like-minded people face to face.

Blessings to you :)


DorisOnTheLake said...

LOVE! So pretty.

Renee Ondrajka said...

Love this Lela. The glitter really makes it pop.

Rachel said...

She is lovely - was hoping for her but she never made it to ours - hoping for a mini with her in next year :-)